(meteorobs) Re: South Delta Aquarids - what is known?

Sergey Shanov shanov-2004 at yandex.ru
Sat Jul 3 01:49:38 EDT 2004

> Is anyone aware of any papers suggesting parent bodies for
> this shower? Gary Kronk's site mentions that Whipple had
> suggested it may share a parent body with the Quadrantids
> of January... Do some of the recent papers published on the
> subject of the QUAs parent, also shed any light on what
> might have spawned the SDAs?
> A closely related question (and one which well actually
> depend on knowing all the orbital elements of a parent):
> has anyone attempted to create a model which would be
> capable of predicting outbursts from the SDAs?

In Russia the interesting work Babadjanov P. B. was published, in which
outburst of activity Quadrantid were explained by waves of a density of
meteoroids. These waves of a heightened density periodically can arise
because of perturbations Jupiter, in old meteor showers. Probably, in SDA a
similar situation. Babadjanov modeled dummy meteoroids, on a uniform stream
and has shown, that there can be periodic inspissations meteoroids. However
his work represents only theoretical interest. For practical predictions it
is necessary for examining in more details.

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