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Thank you, Patrick ;-

Just got the note, we have also another pic on;

> http://www.ursa.fi/yhd/andromeda/meteori.html


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>>You can find a pic from;
>>text only in swedish...;-
>I'll translate it.
>"Never before have I experienced a phenomenon like this, said the chief of
>the sea-rescue in Vasa
>Night to tuesday red balls of light was observed over the southern part of
>the Bay of Botnia
>"During the night before tuesday emergency services and sea-rescue recieved
>around 10 calls from people who belived they had seen emergency flares or
>something like it in the waters between Jakobsstad and Karleby
>Sea-rescue estimate it that it was a meteor shower and not a vessel in
>The reports came in to the emergency operators during approximately an hour.
>Three people described the phenomenon exactly the same way and authorities
>believes based on this that it was a meteor shower.
>-I have worked here for nineteen years and not once have I experienced a
>phenomenon like this, the chief of the Vasa sea-rescue central Peter Sundell
>said to FNB.
>Johanna Aarnio saw the phenomenon in the Larsmo archipelago.
>-The light I saw was large and bright but not red in color. First it flew
>pretty straight across the sky, then it lost a little altitude and finally
>fell down in a spiralling contrail. Before it dissapeared it was as if it
>had blown up; first it was bright, then fainter and seemed to have fallen
>into the sea.
>No sound was heard, said Aarnio who was in the archipelago with some friends
>A photographic society on a summer excursion to the Valsörs also observed
>the phenomenon and suceded in taking a few pictures somewhat after midnight
>on the night before tuesday. According to Johan Geisor the phenomenon lasted
>for a few minutes.
>-First I thought it was an aeroplane but as it moved across the sky we saw
>that it was something else, he says.
>The pictures the party had taken was  recived with great interest by the
>Ursa astronomical society. According to the societys papers' editor Marko
>Pekkola the picture seems to show meteor trails in the sky, something that
>according to him is a rare phenomenon in Finland.
>-It is with some probablility that it is not large pieces we are talking
>about in this case. In most cases meteor fragments fall down in the size
>grains of sand, he says.
>-More thorough mathematical calcualtions are needed to say exactly how large
>the meteorite or meteorite trails where. If the meteorite is made out of
>iron it kan act as a spectacular sight in the sky while it in reality is
>much smaller then one would think, he says.
>Marko Toivonen, who is resposible for the meteorite section at Ursa cosiders
>the Bay of Botnia meteorite to be an unusually large meteor.
>Since the light intesity of a meteor is directly proportinal to the size of
>the ball Toivonen suspects it to have been a meteoirite with a diameter or
>up to 2 meters. But more probabel is that it was more in the size of a
>soccer ball.
>It was not a question of spacejunk - the objects trajectory was all too
>straight to have come from something out of orbit"
>Patrik 'Putte' Henriksson
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