(meteorobs) A possible alfa-Cygnids outburst

Mikhail Maslov feraj at mail.ru
Mon Jul 19 11:53:06 EDT 2004

My greetings

I send this message to pay your attention to the outburst I observed.
Analysing results of my meteor session I found that
meteors, belonging to the increase mentioned in my report from
observation on July 18, were not sporadics but had the common
radiant, which seemed to coincide to coordinates of stationary meteor
at 18:18 UT, belonging to the outburst radiant. It
positions quite close to the alfa-Cygnids radiant. So I could observe
short outburst of alfa-Cygnids activity. As I know,
when Earth faces to compact clouds of meteoroids, their radiant could
have some differencies in position.
Did anyone observe at this time, espescially in the period 18:05-18:20
UT and can affirm my results. It would be important to
understand if the outburst really took placed or maybe it was only
local sporadic increase.

Mikhail Maslov

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