(meteorobs) Fireball on July 23

Szilard Csizmadia csizmadi at konkoly.hu
Mon Jul 26 10:23:05 EDT 2004

Hello All,

many Hungarian amateur astronomers also saw the same sporadic green
fireball as was reported by Tibor Csorgei from Szlovakia in an earlier
e-mail in this list.

Gyula Kiss and Laszlo Dubek from Sopron, Hungary (N 47.6545 deg, E 16.5197
deg, 517 meters above the sea level) reported that they saw this fireball
at 20h 57m 30s UT, 23th July 2004. It was moved from approximetaly from
delta Oph toward Sgr. The length of the path was 45 degrees and its
duration was 7 seconds. They estimated that it was brighter than -10
magnitudes, perhaps -13 magnitudes. Dubek reported the fragmentation of
the fireball.

D. Kiss also observed it from Sopron.

The brother of the amateur astronomer L. Kunos also saw the fireball from
his place in southern part of Hungary and he told that "it was greenish".

Tamas Mehes reported that he observed the fireball from Zalaegerszeg (N
46d 50m, E 16d 51m, 151 meters above the sea level). It was moved from
northwest to south-east from his observing place and its duration was 2-3
seconds according to him. He also mentioned the green colour of the
event. He estimated the brightness of the fireball to be "5-6 times of the

Unfortunately, I did not observe it :-(

Best whishes,

Szilard Csizmadia
from Hungary

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