(meteorobs) HELP for people who get "too much mail" from 'meteorobs'

Lewis J. Gramer lgramer at upstream.net
Fri Jul 30 19:40:01 EDT 2004

Hi, Julie, and thanks for letting us know of your concerns
with the traffic on the 'meteorobs' list! This is actually
very timely, too, as our list can get a LOT busier during
the major meteor shower peaks - like that of the PERSEIDS,
just under two weeks from today! :)

In fact, the 'meteorobs' list was really DESIGNED for those
who were newcomers to meteor observing, and wanted to learn
more about it... So in that sense, I really believe you are
"in the right place", Julie! But hear me out, and decide. :)

For in addition to newcomers, 'meteorobs' is also a home for
amateurs who may have been observing meteors for many years,
or in some cases many decades! And too, we're very privileged
to have a number of professionals (and "near professionals")
participating in the list as well. After all, one of the best
things about meteor observing, is that the "amateurs" and the
pros really do value and seek each another's contributions!

Still, that mix of newcomers to meteors, with people who live
and breath it, can mean that all the emails flying by on our
list can seem pretty overwhelming sometimes!

For that reason, I've worked to offer people who need to get
less email several OPTIONS. Take a look at these, and if any
one of them suits you better, just let me know and I can help
you down that particular path!

 1) 'meteorobs' has a DIGEST list. This sends a single email
    (or occasionally 2 or 3) per day, packed with ALL of that
    day's posts. This is a great way to keep up with meteors
    and observing, without having to endure an email blizzard!

 2) 'meteorobs' has an online ARCHIVE. If you'd like, you can
    turn off Email Delivery on your subscription entirely, and
    just keep up with our list via this Archive Website:
    And that way, if you ever have QUESTIONS (and we really
    encourage questions from "newbies"!), you can still post
    to our list - you just won't receive email from us.

 3) You can choose to unsubscribe entirely, of course. Then
    you can still keep up with our Web Archive, and if you
    ever have a question - resubscribe, or you can send the
    question privately to me.

 4) Finally, if you're the sort of person who just wants to
    "get out and enjoy the meteor show" once or twice a year,
    then 'meteorobs' really may be too in-depth for you. If
    so, there is an ANNOUNCEMENTS ONLY forum on Yahoo! that
    you might consider, as an alternative to 'meteorobs':
    Note: MeteorShowers is not meant to field any questions.

    And a WARNING: If you read MeteorShowers, and you start
    going out to enjoy these annual meteor showers regularly,
    you may just find yourself back at 'meteorobs', wanting
    to learn more about meteors after all! :)

PS: FYI whenever you have questions about an email list, they
will usually have an address where you can voice your concerns
more privately - in our case, "owner-meteorobs at meteorobs.org".

Your messages was actually read by our 700-800 readers around
the Globe! But maybe that's a good thing - as I'm sure there
are other newcomers on our list these days, who are feeling
just as overwhelmed as you were by all the information here.

So again, thanks for making your post!

Clear skies and many meteors,

Lew Gramer <owner-meteorobs at meteorobs.org>
Webmaster: http://www.meteorobs.org

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    As much as I have enjoyed reading-and learning about this- I have to ask to be taken off of this mailing list.  There is just
too much mail for me to handle.  Thank you for what I have learned, and if you can suggest another list for me to join I would
appreciate it.  I am a beginner at this and I really dont understand any of these charts yet.


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