(meteorobs) RE: 2004 June Bootids

Jeremie VAUBAILLON vaubaill at imcce.fr
Tue Jun 1 04:58:09 EDT 2004

Hello Sergey and you all,

Sorry for this late reply (yesterday was public holiday here...)

I think it is important indeed to mention that the 23rd June alert was 
first done by Sergey.
Actually, last April, I was working with David Asher, and he aksed me if 
I had done anything about JBO, because someone (Joe?) asked him some 
news about this stream.
 From the figure I put on the web, I concluded that there was no 
expected storm, and then gave up with that stream for a while.
Then Esko wrote us about Sergey & Sergey's work, and I decided to show 
everyone my own result.
Later, Esko pointed out me that the trails considered by the russian 
team (~1800-1875) was still older than mine (1850-).
Actually, I am a bit overworked now and I had no time to check these old 
trails, but be sure I will let you know of the results, if any before 
the end of this month. The important thing now is that I can only 
confirm or infirm the russian's work, in term of timing of the shower. 
Computing a ZHR value would recquire me time, that I am afraid I have 
not now :-(

As a final word, I would say 2 things:
- thank you Sergey & Sergey, Esko, Joe, David &
- as I wrote in my PhD: "the work of a researcher is contradictory: 
lonely beside essential collegues"

And as Pierre wrote, it is an exciting story ;-)


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