(meteorobs) Possible Fireball in Portugal

Paulo Heleno meteoro at sapo.pt
Wed Jun 2 06:00:51 EDT 2004

Yesterday, from 23:15 (Portugal summer time) until an unconfirmed hour, a
white object was seen across the country, with a beam of light pointing
down,slightly to the right, envolved in smoke.The trajectory was from
north, to west, and had variations in speed, but no sound was heard. Don't
know yet if there were any variations in color, and the estimated
magnitude of the object.
Portuguese Airport Administration detected no problems in any plane
crossing the portuguese sky, neither the air force has detected problems
in their planes.
Can be a fireball? or perhaps a reentry of space debris? anyone else on
the list, mainly in Europe has reports of this sighting?

Clear Skies


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