(meteorobs) RE: 2004 June Bootids

Sergey Shanov shanov-2004 at yandex.ru
Fri Jun 4 12:32:22 EDT 2004

> Thanks for the update and details!  It appears that for North America,
> the time to observe will be the morning of June 22/23, or very early on
> the following evening.  I will do what I can to watch around this date
> as weather permits.  It's nice that the Moon will interfere only
> slightly in the evening skies.
> According to these results, will it still be worthwhile to observe for
> Pons Winneckids around the June 27, as well - even with brighter
> moonlight by then?
> Thanks.
> - Pierre

Hello Pierre,
I shall try to sum up. It is expected, that on June 23 the activity June
Bootids, will be not major. However it is more, than per usual years.
Therefore observations around of this date are very interesting. Probably,
it will be difficult to receive reliable outcomes from visual observations
(because of short, light nights). But the observations can appear very
interesting. To me the message from Byelorussia from Sergey Dubrovsky has
come. In Byelorussia will watch June Bootids from June 20 till June 30. I
think, that it is correct. As speak in Russia: "The Man guesses, and the God
allocates". I shall watch too on visual method IMO (if the weather will
allow). If all will be good, I shall send the observations in Meteorobs.

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