(meteorobs) Perseid outburst prediction this year?

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Sun Jun 6 14:11:27 EDT 2004

The Perseids have been such a dismal failure the past few years (at least 
what I saw)-what makes anyone think the shower this year may be better (orbit 
perturbation or what?)

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Hi Geert, meteorobs,

Will depend on the local weather…if it is perfectly clear (I mean 
perfectly ; no moister, hazy or other stuff) during the period 10-15 
august. I may stay in Belgium, some where in the dark Ardennes ? If 
not : I will travel into southern (France) or South-eastern 
directions (Southern Germany). We shall see…
11-12 august will be the most important night in 2004 for the meteor 
observers. I am really looking forward to see a new enhancement of 
its activity. 
We really need some good data. This can contain a great value for 
calculating the next chances of enhanced activity after the future 
perturbations by Jupiter and or Saturn. 
For the moment I am busy with a Dutch guide for the Belgian 
association of Astronomy (VVS) about the summer showers and 
especially about the Perseids and the return of the 1 revolution 
dust trail. 

But first ; let's enjoy the minor eclipse of the Sun…by Venus !! The 
wait is almost over. Weather Forecasts are great ! 

Michel Vandeputte 
VVS Belgium meteor Section 
Dutch meteor society. 

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