(meteorobs) June's daylight meteors

Lewis J. Gramer lgramer at upstream.net
Mon Jun 7 13:55:28 EDT 2004

FYI, David (and all our readers),

Amid all the hubbub about the Venus transit, spaceweather.com is also
featuring a very nice article on the Daytime Arietids:


Clear (and E-free) skies! :)

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> You may wish to have a look at the radio meteor counts for
> June. Radio-
> meteor observers, with antennas pointing roughly due south,
> are showing
> distinct double humps in the daily rates, suggesting strong day-time
> meteor activity.
> http://radio.data.free.fr/main.php3
> or
> http://homepage2.nifty.com/~baron/leolive01.htm
> and my own...
> http://www.d-entwistle.fsnet.co.uk/Results/Months/Jun.htm
> The timing of the peaks and the associated lull, suggests that the
> majority of current activity has a radiant in the area around
> Aries and
> Taurus.
> Alastair McBeath has listed three active daylight showers on
> the Society
> of Popular Astronomy web site, meteor section - the Arietids, the
> Perseids and Beta Taurids.

Does anyone have any experience of a more detailed analysis of RMOBS
data? I'd be interested to know what techniques are used, but I guess it
is pretty difficult to do.

David Entwistle

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