(meteorobs) Radio data analysis for May available - G7IZU

Andy Smith andy-mobs at television.f9.co.uk
Wed Jun 9 06:58:40 EDT 2004

Hi Wayne,

This link is to the publishers website, not the article about which my 
website was featured. You'd have to obtain a copy of the magazine to see 
the original, but I've put a copy of the article on my website - follow 
the "Read the article here" link on my "live" page.

If you are after the May data analysis, which is what my original 
message was about, follow this link: 
http://tinyurl.com/w6pv/data_analysis.html and scroll down to "May". A 
zipped MS Excel file is there for download.


In message <40C61A0D.6080302 at earthlink.net>, Wayne Watson 
<sierra_mtnview at earthlink.net> writes
>The link on your page to <http://www.pwpublishing.ltd.uk/> seems broken 
>or maybe down. Is that where I can find a copy of your paper?
Andy Smith

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