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Mon Jun 14 12:54:53 EDT 2004

Hello all!
This reminder on a forthcoming exotic case 2004 epsilon-Eridanids. Guessing, that this meteor shower can be long periodic P. Jenniskens and E. Lyytinen have estimated possibility of flashes of activity of this meteor shower on the future. A case of 2004 not so favorable, but interesting enough to observations on the Asian continent.
Probably exotic cases 2004 June Bootids and epsilon-Eridanids not for broad audience, only for the observers of meteors! The probable maxima epsilon-Eridanids is expected on September 11 at 18:01 UT (+ /- 1 hour). Radiant: alpha 56 deg, delta -14 deg, Vg 57 km/s.

Lyytinen E., Jenniskens P., Meteor outbursts from long-period comet dust trails, ICARUS 2003 (in press).
Jenniskens P., Meteor stream activity, II Meteor outbursts, 1995, Astronomy and Astrophysics. 295, 206 - 235. 
Radiants of long periodic comets

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