(meteorobs) June Bootid Observations

Robin Gray sevenvalleysent at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 23 11:57:34 EDT 2004

To all,

I went out this morning at 6:30UT and found the sky
completely overcast. I decided to stay outside on the
chance that the clouds would clear away and by 7:30 UT
the sky was completely clear. I began observing at
that time. Limiting magnitude at this point was about
7.0 My first meteor was a 2 mag June Bootid. There
were two peaks of activity while I was out: From 8:16
to 8:35 UT I saw 6 June Bootids, and from 10:15 to
10:52 UT I saw another 6. Outside of these bursts I
saw only two members of this shower - the initial
meteor already mentioned, and a 0 mag June Bootid at
9:53 UT.
All the JBO's seen were fairly bright, ranging from
second to zero magnitude and many had short, broad
tails. The last one I saw, at 10:52 UT, faded, then
brightened again before dissapearing. I ended
observing at 11:05 UT due to increasing clouds and
My location is in Northern Nevada, USA, 23 miles north
of Winnemucca.

Robin Gray

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