(meteorobs) June Bootids from China,23/24

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Neat report!  It shows the excitement we all feel when we go out to observe.  Sometimes the data are not very useful, but it's always fun to watch!  Thanks for the smile.


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After the graduate exam of geography, I recived the
permit for go out for June Bootids from my parents.

The weather condition was terribly bad in the
afternoon, but I thought it would be fine in the
evening. So I went to Huolu Hill in northeast of
Guangzhou(Canton) at 7PM, and arrived there at about
7:45PM. It was still cloudy so I had to wait... The
possibly activity was behind the cloud.

After two hours, at 9:30PM the weather seem to be a
little better, there were many "holes" on the cloud so
I could see stars through them. But the Lm was
terribly bad, only 1.5!! Although, I started at once.

There were so many clouds so I had to pause some time.
I called Huan Meng and Jin Zhu in Beijing, but they
weren't working.

10:15PM(14:15UT), the sky was clear again. So I
started, hopefully. Suddenly a bright object appear, I
was happy at that moment, but that's an
airplane...(:-P) it passed Spica, and then that was! A
bright meteor appear, "Jumboo!"(Short for June
Bootids:-P) I shouted, then draw it in my Atlas Brno.
22:29, a -1 one, finally comes.

10:35PM-10:50PM was cloudy again, Huan Meng adviced me
to do draw observing only. 10:50PM it was cleared
again, and the Lm was a little better, up to 2.
11:13PM(15:13UT) that was #2, and +1 JBO to southwest.
11:17PM that was a SPO.
11:20PM to 0:10AM, cloudy again. After 0:10AM,
cleared, Lm up to 2.5. Around 0:20AM that was a
"shower" - two meteors in two minutes! Both were
mag.0. 0:40AM to 1:00AM - cloudy. 1:16AM, finally a
fireball! mag.-4, and 1:31AM there was a -2 SPO. I
stopped at 1:50AM, five JBOs in 125 minutes.

Here's a list of those JBOs and SPOs, due to the
terribly Lm I don't plan to write a offical report,
but I'll send the Brnos to IMO soon.

21:30-21:40 None
21:40-22:15 Cloudy
22:15-22:35 22:29 -1 JBO
22:35-22:50 Cloudy
22:50-23:20 23:13 1 JBO 23:17 1 SPO
23:20-0:10 Cloudy
0:10-0:40 0:22 0 JBO 0:24 0 JBO 0:37 2 SPO
0:40-1:00 Cloudy
1:00-1:35 1:16 -4 JBO 1:31 -2 SPO
1:35-1:50 Cloudy

Wish you a cleared sky!
Quanzhi, from Guangzhou, China

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