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Hello you all,

Here is an update of the predictions of the coming Leonid meteor shower.
We found a 3rd encounter with the trail ejected in 1001, i.e. a very old
one, which is split into 2 parts. This additonal activity will occur on
8th Nov., arount 23:30, for ZHR ~ 50.

However, we did not find any particular activity from the 1135 trail, as
suggested by M. Sato's results: this trail is very perturbed, and only a
small fraction of it passes close to the Earth.

For more informations, please see:


Once again, thanks a lot to all observers!

We NEED observations on 8th. Nov., since that will validate or not the
orbit of the comet 55P/Tempel-Tuttle, for a perihelion passage that
occured more than 1000 years ago!

Kind regards.

Jeremie Vaubaillon

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