(meteorobs) Color of photo meteor trails

Roberto me3540 at mclink.it
Sun Nov 7 05:32:10 EST 2004

Hi Ed,
I do not have the scanner for to digitize the photographies.
However I can analyze the colors as I have made for the leonids. As he said
George must be attention to the colors. With the leonids I have tried to
make corrections for color index taking as reference various spectral stars
(the photos are not chased).
Sorry for the English bad!
Clear skies,
Roberto Haver

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> on 11/6/04 17:17, Roberto at me3540 at mclink.it wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I must have various meteors Geminids and Quadrantids photographed to
> > They interest to you?
> > Clear skies,
> > Roberto Haver
> >
> Hi Roberto:
>     Yes, I am very interested in your Geminid and Quadrantid color
> photographs.  Can you send me some samples as scanned attachments if they
> are not too large.  JPegs should be fine.  Do you have any that start out
> "green" in color and change along their path?  These would be most
> interesting.  Do you have height data for any of these meteors.  If you
> don't that is okay.  Please include any details you have with each
> photograph, date, time, exposure length etc if possible.
> Thanks for your help and clear skies!
> Ed Majden
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