(meteorobs) quick, i need some info

arlene arlenecarol at tnn.net
Wed Nov 17 12:03:28 EST 2004

i didn't think the weather would be on my side when i woke up this morning.
terrific thunderstorms all day yesterday and last night but late this
afternoon, the skies cleared and they are simply gorgeous now.

someone quickly please give me a time to get out and look for my precious
Leonids. it's also gotten very very cold here, hovering around 40 F...so i
can't stay out all night...

am i missing some mail? everyone seems to have gotten very quiet lately.

i'm on the west coast of turkey, i think we're +2 GMT but i might be wrong,
we just turned back the clocks...i'm not sure of what time it is anymore!!

i'll appreciate any help you folks can give me.


on the west coast of Turkey,
south of Troy

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