(meteorobs) Leonid activity Nov. 19 from Florida

arlene arlenecarol at tnn.net
Fri Nov 19 13:07:51 EST 2004

i keep telling you all to come to visit me here..
our skies are clear as crystal!!

(except when it's raining!!)

i can always see the milky way...we have virtually no
pollution up here.

come and visit...

in western turkey
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> Hello Skywayinc at aol.com,
> In reference to your comment:
> I'd kill for that kind of sky where I live.  Actually, my very best skies
> approach 5.5 LM.  Not bad for 45 miles north of midtown Manhattan.  -- joe
> I'd take half of that LM! I live in Staten Island, NY City, and Polaris is
> struggle to see. But I still don't let that keep me indoors!
> Anthony


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