(meteorobs) Fw: Bayou Internet Spam Aggregate Report

James Dixon jdixon at bayou.com
Fri Nov 19 13:47:09 EST 2004

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From: Bayou Internet Spam Filter 
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Sent: Friday, November 19, 2004 8:39 AM
Subject: Bayou Internet Spam Aggregate Report

Hi jdixon at bayou.com,

The Bayou Internet / Netcleanse spam service protects your email address from 
receiving spam emails. A report of the blocked email that 
were destined for your email address is attached. 

Start Date: Thu Nov 18 13:00:38 
End Date : Fri Nov 19 07:00:22 
Number of spam quarantined during this period: 1

Please review the attached list and if you want to release 
any of these emails please click on the "RELEASE" link 
beside the email. 


      Date         Time From Subject Release 
      18/11/2004  19:07:29  meteorobs-bounces at meteorobs.org  (meteorobs  RELEASE 

Please note that the subject lines of emails have been cut to 10 characters

Scanned by Bayou Internet for all known viruses.
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