(meteorobs) no activity observed at the predicted maximum of LEO 1733 trail

jin zhu jinzhu at bjp.org.cn
Fri Nov 19 17:54:30 EST 2004

I just made an one-hour observation during Nov. 19 20:50-21:50 UT, and
there is obviously no Leonids activity at and shortly before 21:49 UT.
The sky is quite clear and LM was about 5.9. I'll try to get the final
data from recorder later, after I have a short sleep and drive back to
the city. The feeling is that LEO is less than Nov. 17/18 when I made
quite similiar observation under similiar condition at the same place.
I had nearly 6 hours video observation between 16:00-22:00 UT but the
result may need much more time later to get out. :)

With best regards, Jin
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