(meteorobs) 1733 trail from London

Leo S. l.stachowicz at btinternet.com
Fri Nov 19 18:07:29 EST 2004

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know what we are seeing over hear...

Observed from 21:00 UT to 22:20 UT,with much cloud in the first 50 
minutes,and only just starting to break up at  predicted peak time. With 
The Leonid radiant so low on the horizon we were expecting to see some 
earth grazers here,but if there were any in the first 50 minutes,they 
were very faint. The next 1/2 hour had the odd patch of cloud here and 
there,but was ok apart from that(LM around the 4-4.5 mark I'd 
estimate),but only a single meteor,a -1 mag sporadic was seen in this 
time. With more cloud on its way,I decided to call it a day and go inside.

It seems as though all the activity was last night(and the 1333 trail!). 
I noted a blip in the rate around 4:10 UT in almost 2 hrs of 
observing,from 3:00 UT- 4:50 UT ,when there was a burst of 6 Leonids in 
as many minutes! Best meteor of the night was a -2 which left a 3 second 
train.A total of 16 Leonids,3 Taurids and just a single sporadic were seen.

Clear skies to all,

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