(meteorobs) Taurids from italy 8-9/11/2004

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I have not understood what I want to say.
Clear Skies,
Roberto Haver

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  Hello all - if you let your eyes "blend" two of the frames of the Tauride with your eyes (blend two stars together so they seem to be one combininb two frames) and you see something interesting - the Taruid is heading somewhat towards the camera as well as down and to the left.  

  Bill R. Smith

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  >Here the sequence of last the 7 photograms of the Tauride that I cited (from left to right and the high to the bottom). 
  >1- lengthening of the trace is looked at (is not possible that it has had to the acceleration). 
  >2- Small detached object (faint) begins itself to see 3 "objects" (and not had to the resolution, before they were not visible). 
  >3- Brightness maximum and allonge hardly the 3 "objects" (a small object is always visible faint and detached). 
  >4- the third object more detaches from the rest of the body more the fourth faint always hardly visible. 
  >5- the third party completely detached and the second nearly. The quarter does not look at more. 
  >6- very visible main Body, according to fastly weakened objext and the third most visible one. 
  >7- the main body is disappeared and hardly remains visible according to the object (weakest) and the third party. 
  >Clear skies, 
  >Roberto Haver 
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