(meteorobs) More about GIA and LEO 2004

Mikhail Maslov ast0 at mail.ru
Mon Oct 4 10:10:06 EDT 2004

Also, a small confusion.
The links conserning Leonid predictions on the NMS's site are to be
corrected. For proper download letter 's' should be deleted. So far,
"leonidsNNNN.pdf" in the address would be changed to "leonidNNNN.pdf".
Links to other showers are correct.


QY> Hi all,
QY>   I found something interesting in the NMS's site, it
QY> seems no one had introduce them here?

QY> http://www.nms.gr.jp/pdf/prediction-sato/leonid2004.pdf
QY> http://www.nms.gr.jp/pdf/prediction-sato/giacobinid2004.pdf

QY> Calculate by Sato, the Earth will pass 25-rev to
QY> 28-rev in Octo.5-6, and 1965-rev/1733-rev in mid-Nov.
QY> 1965-rev will give us nothing, but 1733-rev may give
QY> us something.(?) Could someone tell me more about
QY> this?
QY> -Quanzhi

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