(meteorobs) Re: More about GIA and LEO 2004

Lyytinen Esko Esko.Lyytinen at MINEDU.FI
Tue Oct 5 08:50:19 EDT 2004

Because I have not seen Mikiya to reply to this in meteorobs, I will
give some level reply. Actually I recently had some email-change with
Mikiya on this. I have also inspected some of my old existing trail-data
(after hearing on these from Mikiya). The mean anomaly factors of these
encouters are very small. My data was not dense enough for a good
derivation of this, but it was suggestive of around 0.0001. I recall,
that Mikiya (with more dense trail data) had this fM even smaller, maybe
by an order of magnitude smaller.

I think that we both agreed that practically no observational outburst
will happen. It is very well possible that a few individual meteors from
these encouters can be observed and observations are of course very
welcome, but it may be better not to expect a lot (.. maybe some level
surprise can happen).



According to this, it appears that Earth will pass fairly close to
several old Giacobinids trains this evening (Oct 5/6 around 22:30 UT.)

Does anyone have any more details to add, about 2004 Giacobinids, such
as what kind of activity might appear from this, meteor brightness, ect?


- Pierre

P.S. I was out yesterday evening (Oct 4/5) to begin searching for GIAs. 
  In one hour teff, I have one possible member seen far from the field
of view.  I hope to observe again this evening as soon as possible after

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