(meteorobs) Forwarding Mikiya Sato's response

Lyytinen Esko Esko.Lyytinen at MINEDU.FI
Wed Oct 6 02:23:20 EDT 2004

Hi all,

Mikiya Sato is not a subscriber to meteorobs. Because of some confusion
in recent web-page datas, he asked me to submit the next response
(below) to meteorobs-group, on the web-page data that actually is not
his data at all.

Mikiya can read the meteorobs archives, but it may be better to add a
copy to him for possible responses.


Hello all,

I am Mikiya Sato. I have to tell to you (all meteorobs member).
The predictions contributed in meteorobs, are not by me.
These are the predictions by "Isao" Sato.
He is a person who is unrelated to me.
His speciality is occultation, and he is not so detailed with meteor.
I think that a detailed examination is not included in his prediction.

My calculation is as follows (about Giacobinids 2004);

Year da0 Time(UT) dR(AU) fM
1817 0.00439 Oct. 5.82 0.0031 9.8e-6
1817 0.00529 Oct. 5.91 0.0024 3.7e-6
1824 0.00433 Oct. 5.80 0.0032 1.4e-5
1824 0.00533 Oct. 5.89 0.0025 4.0e-6
1831 0.00418 Oct. 5.79 0.0035 1.7e-5
1831 0.00518 Oct. 5.87 0.0029 4.9e-6
1838 0.00412 Oct. 5.78 0.0039 1.9e-5
1838 0.00511 Oct. 5.85 0.0033 4.6e-6

Surely these trails approach the earth, this year.
But these were influenced of large perturbation on 1945 and 1981 
by Jupiter, and small perturbation on 1997 by Earth.
So, the density of trails is very very thin.
I think that an appearance of Giacobinids is not expectable.

Beginning, I thought that his data was announced in only Japan.
However, it was contributed in meteorobs, you (meteorobs member) have
been confused.
I apologize for that, as one Japanese.

It seems that his data is slightly right, about only the time
and the distance, for example, about Leonids.
We should make reference to his data only within about two points.
(or we should not make reference to them).

Mikiya Sato
mail at kaicho.net


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