(meteorobs) About Giacobinids from Mikiya Sato.

Mikiya Sato mail at kaicho.net
Thu Oct 7 17:49:36 EDT 2004

Hello all,

I am Mikiya Sato.
I contribute to this meteorobs for the first time.
My English is not well, so I was hesitating to join this group.
But, by the happening of Giacobinids, I decided that I join this.

I have to write about a prediction of Giacobinids in 2004. (on Oct.5)

In Japan, the prediction of Giacobinids by "Isao" Sato was announced 
as one opinion. His opinion was that Giacobinids shower may occur
on Oct. 5, around 22-23h UT.
And a negative opinion (by me) was also written there in addition. 
Therefore, I did not think that it was a bad announcement.
But only his prediction has been extracted and introduced to meteorobs.
It was unexpected to me. Furthermore, unfortunately, it was mistaken 
that his data was my prediction.
If someone thought that the prediction was mine, and attended observation,
I say that "I am sorry". I will want to take care from now on.

As Esko wrote, these trails was very thin in my calculation.
(and in Esko's calculation too. I thank to Esko.)
It is appropriate that an active shower was not observed on that night.
I apologize for having been misunderstood, as Japanese.


Isao's data (pdf files) are described very well, in fact.
But I think that detailed examinations are insufficient in these.
It seemed to be described automatically.
For example, Giacobinids in 2004, it is not told about the density
of trails, as telling already.
Or Leonids in 1799, the trail which was ejected in 1600 was not 
described in his figure. (Probably, the trail was the main causes 
of a strong meteor shower.)
So, if we refer to his data, we have to do very carefully.


I want to announce here, when I obtain some good calculation results
of any meteor showers.

Best wishes,

Mikiya sato
mail at kaicho.net

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