(meteorobs) Re: shower activity in the past

Mikhail Maslov ast0 at mail.ru
Mon Oct 11 14:55:32 EDT 2004

R> a number of analyses can be viewed at
R> http://www.imo.net/articles/results.html

R> More are available in the whole set of WGN, the Journal
R> of the IMO, but not all of them are online. Would be
R> nice, if perhaps someone finds time and facilities
R> to put more of these online. Any volunteers?

R> Best wishes,
R> Rainer

Hello, Rainer.
I know these articles, they are very interesting, but I meant not only
recent years, but decades, at least, espescially for major and
periodic showers. You also mentioned WGN articles. What is to be done
to put them online? Maybe I could help this?

Best regards, Mikhail

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