(meteorobs) spectacular meteor recorded

Honza verfl.meteors at seznam.cz
Wed Oct 20 02:45:15 EDT 2004

Hi Sirko,

I think you have seen much more fireballs than me but this one does not seem
so unusuall to me, i just think I have seen two or three such meteors
before.. But anyway, you live in Germany, don't you? Maybe then it would be
reasonable to ask somebody from the European Fireball Network (the guys with
whole-sky cameras spread over Germany, Czech Republic and other surrouding
countries) whether they have a picture of this - i think in it it issuch a
case, they can very reliably say what's up (or evene define the impact
region, if the meteor's quite big;).

Greets and admirations (the stuff you're doing with video cams is
Jan Verfl

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