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Pavol Habuda bzucino at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 26 13:43:18 EDT 2004

I can recommend you article of Jenniskens: Meteor stream activity II.


On page 229 bottom there is note about observation parallel streaks
of light. It was concluded from analyis, that in that case there wasn`t 
any outburst. Maybe you can find more information in WGN, but it is not 
available from www.

Yours sincerelly 
Pavol Habuda

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> Phil,
> What with the pending closure of the Comet and Meteor
> Observing Group, you should consider posting this to
> the Meteor Observers List:
> <meteorobs at meteorobs.org>
> Regards,
> Bob V.
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> Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 14:45:16 -0400 
> Subject: [Comet and Meteor Observing] Meteors or not?
> (long posting) 
> I've just joined this group and would be grateful if
> someone could tell me  whether I've stumbled across a
> minor  meteor shower, or whether I'm simply able to
> see things in a 2  inch 40mm eyepiece that one cannot
> see in a 1.25 inch  26mm  or 24 mm EP (which I usually
> use). 
> Here's the situation:
> On Friday night (15 October) the skies over Middle
> Georgia were the clearest they've been in  several
> weeks. I let my scope cool down for five hours before 
> using it. This was the first time I've used a 2 inch 
> 40mm eyepiece with my 8 inch Dob. 
> While scanning the field  between Triangulum,
> Andromeda and Perseus I kept seeing  small white
> things zooming across the sky. I feared that these  
> were floaters in my weakening eyes; my wife and
> daughter  however verified that they were seeing the
> same things when they looked through the scope. In 
> fact, they were so impressed  they stayed at the scope
> longer than they ever have before. 
> After  reminding them how cold it was outside, I was
> able to reclaim  possession of the scope and let it
> rest on M32 just west of Algol. Between 10:20 and
> 10:45 I counted 49 whitish objects zooming  either 
> above, through, or beneath M32 in a southerly
> direction.  Most of these objects were quiter small,
> resembling the visible  stars in M32; others were 
> three to four times larger and  resembled the Ring
> Nebula to some extent (these tended to  shoot
> northeast). Between 10:45 and 11:00 I focused on 
> Algol,  but the frequency of these white flashes had
> decreased. Looking  at M32 again between 11:00 and
> 11:15 I noticed ever fewer of  these streaks. By 
> midnight I was unable to see any whatsoever.
> On Saturday night the skies were somewhat cloudy, so I
> did not have a crisp view of the sky. However, I was
> able to see five or six meteor-like flashes 
> running across M32 over a 20 minute period, but these
> were fairly large objects.
> By the way, none of these white streaks could be seen
> in my  9x50 finderscope. They were vivid in the 2 inch
> 40mm and even  in the 1.25 inch 26 m.
> I'm an experienced enough observer to know that these
> were neither airplanes nor space stations nor
> satellites. Since I was unable to replicate these
> flashes anywhere else in the sky, I am pretty sure
> that they cannot be attributed to some defect in my
> mirrors or eyepieces. Since my neighbors were not at
> home all weekend, I can also rule out sudden flashes
> of light coming from windows or cars.
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> From:  "Brian OHalloran" <qprmeteor at y...> ,
> cometandmeteorobserving at yahoogroups.com
> Date:  Mon Oct 25, 2004  12:48 pm 
> Subject:  Closure of Comet and Meteor Observing Group
> Hi everyone.
> As you may have noticed, I've been unable to devote
> much time to post to the group/updating the finder
> charts/ephemerides etc lately, due to a severe lack of
> time that is very much work related (I recently
> started a postdoc position in the US, and so I have
> very little free time!!!). As this is unlikely to
> change in the immediate or mid-term future, I have
> reluctantly decided to close the group. If anyone
> wishes to take over the running of the group, please
> contact me - if not, I plan to close it by the end of
> the week.
> Clear skies.
> Brian
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