(meteorobs) New meteor beacon operational

Christian Steyaert steyaert at vvs.be
Sun Apr 17 05:53:36 EDT 2005

We are proud to announce that a beacon for meteor scatter is operational 
since April 16:

	50 W, location Astrolab Iris (50 49' N, 2 55' E) Ypres Belgium,
	49990 kHz (pure carrier), circular polarisation, 'upward' beaming

Dave Swan (Southampton, UK) found the carrier at 49990.3 kHz, ie 300 Hz 
above the planned frequency (we will still improve this).

Please listen in AM (SSB), or use a FFT program such as Argo or other.
Preferably point your antenna at 80 km 'above' the beacon. A horizontal 
antenna will pick reflections caused by aircraft.

All observations, positive or negative, welcome.



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