(meteorobs) Fireball

belatrix belatrix at ozemail.com.au
Wed Apr 27 07:18:38 EDT 2005

Hi Group,
Was out for a evening stroll in a dark park in suburban foothills this 
evening with my wife, and we saw a very bright meteor at around 7:13 PM 
local time - 9:47 UT ( going on that I am here at exactly +9:30 UT? 
which have always done! - may be out by 4 min? according to SNP?) 27th 
april 2005 - exact location was around 34º 51' south 138º 41' east

  It began for me high in the east at around an altitude of around 40 or 
more degrees, somewhere above and maybe slightly to the right of 
Jupiter, I think somewhere in or around Corvus. ( I was close to the 
hills so it all appeared a bit lower for us of course - so I have 
writtten the correct elevations from my Planetarium program)

It travelled in its path, I think, as much as 60º, down and towards the 
the sse horizon -  the just slightly broad bright blue/white mag ~ -4 
path actually arced downwards gracefully and then more sharply towards 
the very end - very nice! - and had passed between the pointers to 
boot, before terminating in a pretty bright blue/white mag -5 or 
-6?larger ball shaped terminal flash, maybe about 20º above the sse 

It was helpful that - 2.4 Jupiter was very close to beginning of path 
travelled, so could get good rough estimate on mag.

No train was noticed, nor was any noises were heard.

Kearn Jones
Adelaide, Australia

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