(meteorobs) Kindly take the 'Definition of a meteor' thread OFF-list... Thanks!

John Kuehn jkuehn8 at comcast.net
Thu Apr 28 19:37:39 EDT 2005

Damn, And I thought that was a discussion group!

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Discussing the parameters affecting the definitions of the primary 
objects terminology Seemed on topic to me.
Further that this particular topic hasn't been discussed since my 
joining the list on, 5/7/2000 6:12 AM, I didn't feel it was in any way 

I guess it's up to the moderator to decide what content is pointless 

Was that YOUR last word on the subject?

As omnipotent owner-moderator could you please provide a list of 
whatever topics ARE permissible.
 I'm Sure that more than I would be interested in being aware of the 
boundaries of transgression..

Lowered blood pressure -- and -- meteorically active clear skies

And that's my last word on both subjects

Returning to non contributory lurk mode

John Kuehn

Lew  wrote:

>We are getting people unsubscribing, merely because some folks cannot stand not
>getting the last word on a pointless debate... This is unacceptable, especially
>just as the actual meteor OBSERVING season of the year is getting under way.
>If you have anything further to add on this thread, please do NOT post it:
>rather, email it privately to the persons involved...
>If you have any questions or comments about the way our list is administered,
>please do NOT post them: email them privately to your "List Elves", at:
>    owner-meteorobs at meteorobs.org
>Clear skies!
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