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mark ford markf at ssl.gb.com
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There are reports circulating of a significant fireball over Italy last
night with possible sonic booms, anyone heard anything?

Mark Ford

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on 4/28/05 20:36, Lew Gramer at mameteors at yahoo.com wrote:

> Exciting times for meteor observers... The Lyrids just past, with some
> reporting possible outbursts. Two major fireballs widely seen here in
the US,
> within a short period of time. And the Eta Aquarids peak coming up
> Enjoy the New Moon, everyone...
> Lew Gramer
Hello Lew:
    Two fireballs over Canada also.  One in B.C. and the other over
Manitoba. As for the New Moon, it figures!  Clouds are on the way for
west coast. ;-(  Seems it is only clear at Full Moon time around here!

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