(meteorobs) Re: Circular IAU C22 Pro-Amat WG: Possible meteors from comet, P/2005 JQ5 (Catalina) (Mikhail Maslov)

Mikhail Maslov ast0 at mail.ru
Fri Jul 1 13:03:45 EDT 2005

Hello, Esko,

Only one comment:

EL> The comet P/2005 JQ5 has in its orbit the difference to 
EL> 21P/Giacobini-Zinner orbit, that the orbit (of P2005 JQ5) does not reach 
EL> to the orbit of Jupiter and there may not be as quick sudden changes in 
EL> the orbit. This means that the meteoroids stream, as a whole can stay 
EL> more compact and even a lesser number of meteoroids may give a 
EL> comparable or stronger annual display (not storms) than that form comet 21P.

Trails of 21P in 1946 were also very regular, still not perturbed by
Jupiter or anything else.

Best regards, Mikhail Maslov

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