(meteorobs) any idea what this was?

Arlene Carol arlene.carol at gmail.com
Sun Jul 10 01:09:56 EDT 2005

Hi everyone,
I really wasn't going to ask this because it seems too 
absurd but I changed my mind and I'm asking!!
 As I was just going to bed last night, just after midnight,
and the sky was brilliant as usual. After turning off the 
lights, i wanted to look at the sky from my window.
way off in the distance, beyond my neighbor's field, i saw a
light briefly and decided to look more intently
to see what it was. it was a shephard walking
with his flock. this time of year, because of the heat of
day, they enclose their sheep in stone structures
away from the sun and graze them during
 the darkness. i looked and listened as the shephard and
his flock moved off into the brush. within each flock,
about 5 or 6 sheep have bells of different sizes around their necks 
so that even from a distance, the shephard can tell which flock is
his. the resulting sound is like a symphony of sorts. it's all very lovely. 
 anyway, i digress...there under Cassiopia, i saw something 
i still can't explain. UP from the northern horizon, i saw a 
faint 'meteor' of light.
WHAT? how can this be? Have any of you ever seen 
meteors appear from BELOW the horizon and shoot upwards? 
the angle wasn't directly
up...it was at an upwardly 45 degree angle, from
northeast to northwest (that's as good as i can
get with directions on this one!). it didn't get higher than 
25 degrees above my view of the horizon but i know i saw something. 
 so i'm wondering, is it possible for this to happen or 
was it something entirely different? any ideas?
 I wish i could really share with you the beauty of this 
place and our lovely starry nights...complete with 
accompanying 'music'...bells and owl calls!
it's magical.

south of troy


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