(meteorobs) Off topic Matrox Meteor Video Cards

Ed Majden epmajden at shaw.ca
Sat Jul 16 19:36:08 EDT 2005

    Matrox Meteor I Video Capture Cards come in four versions, Matrox
Meteor, standard, Matrox Meteor/PPB, Matrox Meteor/RGB, and Matrox
Meteor/PPB/RGB which has an integrated PCI to PCI bridge.  There is a
compatibility problem with different computer mother boards.  The old
computers I have are not compatible with my card.
    I bought two, Meteor/PPB/RGB cards on eBay that were removed (working)
from a computer running NT4 with a TYAN Server mother board.  I m looking
for a Pentium Pro or Pentium PII system with a 440FX or 440LX chip set that
will recognize an integrated PCI to PCI bridge so I can make use of these
boards for MetRec Video meteor capture.  Anyone know where I can find a
used, now obsolete computer or motherboard that is compatible with the
Meteor/PPB/RGB card.  The price must be reasonable.
    The other alternative I have, is to try and trade the two cards for a
Matrox Meteor II, or a SCION LG3 which will work in my Mac G4, (I hope)!
    Can anyone help?????


Ed Majden
West Coast Sandia Bolide Detection Station
Courtenay B.C. CANADA


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