(meteorobs) Fireball sighting southern UK 16 - 17th July 2005?

David Entwistle david.entwistle at dial.pipex.com
Sun Jul 17 11:54:41 EDT 2005

"Urban Spaceman" <andy at esas.org.uk> posted the following question to
newsgroup uk.sci.astronomy. I've forwarded it here, without his
permission. Please include <andy at esas.org.uk> in any response. 

<start quote>

Did any one witness the so called  "Meteor Storm last night?" I know
Delta Aquarids are active but this is a fairly poor show.

Fireball was supposed to come from the North over Wales and down over 

Looking for some first hand reports.

<end quote>

No news reports that I've seen.
David Entwistle

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