(meteorobs) Perseid Meter Shower - extra peak

Al Degutis al.degutis at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 17:58:12 EDT 2005

Since the Perseids will peak at 18:00 UT (according to AMS at:
http://www.amsmeteors.org/visual.html#Perseids) that translates to 1pm
(midday) for my location. There is the small chance of an extra peak
that I'd like to try and catch but I've read conflicting times
reported for this possible extra peak. The AMS website says "Another
possible increase in activity could occur near 3:00 UT" but an article
in Sky and Telescope states it would occur at 9h UT. A difference of
opinion or is one clearly mistaken, or am I missing something?

Al Degutis

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