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Tennessee May Have Been Exploding Meteor 


Strange Light May Have Been Exploding Meteorite
News Channel 5 (Nashville, Tennessee)
July 27, 2005

If you think you spotted something unusual in the sky
Monday night, you're not alone. People all across
Middle Tennessee called in reports of a streak in the
sky followed by a loud boom, and experts now think it
may have been a meteorite.

Sightings were reported throughout Tennessee and
Kentucky, and Rocky Alvey at Vanderbilt's Dyer
Observatory said he believes it was a meteorite called
a bolide. Alvey said a bolide is a fireball that
explodes in the air.

Astronomers who track reports of fireballs in the sky
have received reports about what happened Monday

Emergency dispatchers in Perry County said they took
60 calls from people who saw the event.

One man even said the sound was so loud it shook his
house, and a woman reported seeing what looked like a
shooting star 20 feet above her house in Wilson
County.  [RSV:  Wilson Co. is 4 counties over and
100km to the NE of Perry Co. where the sonic booms
were heard!  Treat this observation as irrelevant.]

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