(meteorobs) Star Chart with Radiants Plotted

javor.kac at guest.arnes.si javor.kac at guest.arnes.si
Thu Jul 28 09:48:58 EDT 2005


> Thanks, Joseph.  I wasn't clear enough with my
> question.  I am familiar with the IMO and NAMN and
> other resources, but I am looking for something that
> puts it all together on a single sky chart.  I would
> think some of the star-charting software might do
> this, just don't know for sure.
> It might not exist, but I thought it would be handy. 
> I guess I could do it myself pretty quickly with the
> aforementioned resources, a marker and a steady hand.

Our colleagues from Spain wrote a program that plots radiants on
gnomonic maps.
The link was
but it does not work currently. The referring page is at

Good luck, and clear skies!
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