(meteorobs) Fw: Possible meteorite

GeoZay at aol.com GeoZay at aol.com
Tue May 3 17:41:08 EDT 2005

GeoZay at aol.com  wrote:
> This sounds like it could be a sudden release  of Carbon Dioxide. Something 
> similar, but much larger has  occurred at least a couple times in Cameroon 
> in the 80's I  believe it was? That incident killed a lot of people and  <<

Brian>>Just wanted  to delurk for a moment to say I agree that it is
extremely unlikely to be a  meteor.

However, I don't think it's CO2 gas either. There would have to  be
a source of CO2 gas (usually volcanic) and the lake would have to
be  deep enough to 'cork' the bottle with hydrostatic weight. For
specifcs please  see this webpage about the Lake Nyos disaster  at:

I find the methane gas release  or the fish school idea plausible.<<
Okay Brian...I  looked over the website you  provided and I gather you agree 
with me about the disaster in Cameroon being CO2  gas, but the incident in 
michigan perhaps being methane gas or school of fish? A  reasonable 
possibility....perhaps a better possibility than the CO2  gas?
Overview from the website  
In 1986, a tremendous explosion of CO2 from the lake  Nyos, West of Cameroon, 
killed more than 1700 people and livestock up to 25 km  away. The dissolved 
CO2 is seeping from springs beneath the lake and is  trapped in deep water by 
the high hydrostatic pressure. If the CO2 saturation  level is reached, bubbles 
appear and draw a rich mixture of gas and water up.  An avalanche process is 
triggered which results in an explosive over-turn of  the whole lake. Since 
1990 a French team has carried out a series of tests in  an attempt to release 
the gas slowly through vertical pipes  …


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