(meteorobs) Re: Possible Meteorite

E. L. Jones jonee at epix.net
Wed May 4 23:20:31 EDT 2005

I tend to prefer the "fish school" or methane  explainations, however, 
since this has become a collection of alternative scenarios--For what it 
is worth, in the 50s the Air Force  pilots under certain flight 
situations jettsoned belly tanks-- empty or otherwise in what seemed to 
be a regular basis.  When possible they were to be dropped over water.  
Sometimes accidentally( ...Belly tanks-- plus an non-armed H-Bomb over 
the Charleston , SC area)  With today's more powerful and reliable 
aircraft, this is rarely, if ever, heard of.

That said, be it remembered that the Pena Blanca Springs meteorite 
splashed into a cattle tank right befrore or just after some cowboys had 
gone swiming


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