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On 5/5/05, skywise <skywise at dslextreme.com> wrote:
> Dan Wright wrote:
> > I have read with interest the hypotheses put forward to explain the 1952
> > event in Lakeview, Michigan, witnessed by a then eight-year-old girl.
> My response is only directed at the idea of what was observed in the
> lake was a 'UFO'.
> I think David Hume said it best, "That no testimony is sufficient to
> establish a miracle, unless the testimony be of such a kind, that it's
> falsehood would be more miraculous than the fact which it endeavors to
> establish."
> In the context of this specific observation, the idea of it being a
> 'UFO', whiel not impossible, is less plausible than it being one of
> the other explanations brought forth so far.
> [apologies if this thread is straying too far off topic, I know I'm new
> here and I've not been subscribed long enough to know how far OT threads
> are usually allowed to stray]
> Brian

Another phenomena that has not been brought up. But perhaps because it
was too early in the 20th century to happen.
Waste products of airline passengers being dumped all at once.
If the aircraft is high enough said 'products' coalesce into a frozen mass.  
I can't remember when but once it happened to land on a house(?) and
the occupants complained to the authorities about the smelly ice ball
that came from the sky. It was discerned it came from a jetliner and
from what I understand it was the policy of the airlines to eject it
over water(ocean) and the crew made a mistake and did it over land. Of
course in 1952 it would have had to be a propeller-driven aircraft.

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