(meteorobs) Two minor corrections to May 2/3 Eta Aq (MATBE report)+ quick 5/5 am 2005 report

Bertunit at aol.com Bertunit at aol.com
Thu May 5 22:41:14 EDT 2005

Noticed two typos on my last report of May 2/3 am 2005.

UT time should be identical to the stated CDT time

CDT 0340-0510 am 1.5 hrs. teff
UT   0840-1010 May 3rd  1.5 hr.s teff

Also - The ANT casual was at 336 am, 4 min. before I began
a formal observation session, NOT at 346 am as initially stated.

I was out 5/5 am, upbeat in general activity, but the ETA AQUARIDS
were VERY sparse, ONLY six in two full hr.s teff from 310-510 CDT am.

However, quality-wise they continue to be well above the curve, I finally
got a nice fireball from them, a -4 electric blue with a 165 second train,
(that's 2 minutes and 45 seconds, folks!!!), followed one minute later by
a -1 reddish one that had a 2.5 second train.  WOW!  4 out of six
left trains, for 66%. Full report to follow.

Bert Matous
Overland Park KS

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