(meteorobs) Question about daylight fireball event (hisorical).

David Entwistle david.entwistle at dial.pipex.com
Sun May 8 06:58:52 EDT 2005


Hope some of the more mature members can put me straight about a
fireball event from some time ago.

I've been reading a recent on-line article about the Fireball of 24th
April, 2005.


This makes an interesting reference to a fireball from 1966, as follows. 

<start quote>
While talking about the April 24 event with Richard Sanderson, curator
of physical science at the Springfield Science Museum, we realized that
the great fireball of April 25, 1966, occurred 39 years ago almost to
the day from last week's event. Seen by thousands from Washington, D.C.,
to eastern Canada, it was the most widely observed and photographed
fireball of its time. 

Sanderson noted that the museum had possession of a famous 16 mm film of
the 1966 event shot from the Municipal Group in downtown Springfield by
Channel 22 news photographer George Gambino (see photo).
<end quote>

As I couldn't see the photo mentioned, I started to search for
references to George Gambino, and then after little success, any
reference to a daylight Fireball, over the USA and Canada, from 1966.

My search turned up numerous identical references to the following:
'Daylight meteor was seen from Utah to Canada. Only known case of a
meteor entering and leaving the Earth's atmosphere'.

This (presumably) unique event is variously reported as being from 10
August 1966...


and 10 August 1972.


Can anyone provide a reliable reference for the 'Only known case of a
meteor entering and leaving the Earth's atmosphere', or the photographs
of Fireball of 25th April 1966. 
David Entwistle

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