(meteorobs) Question about daylight fireball event (historical).

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>The August 10, 1972 event is discussed in most books which talk about asteroid 
>There are a lot of observer reports and some photos in The October 1972( Vol44 
>no. 4) Sky& Telescope ,page 269
>and a letter about in April 1973 issue Vol 45, no.4, page 219 with another 
>A full article "the meteor that miised the Earth" by L.G. Jacchia was on page
>4 of the July 1974 issue of Sky& Telscope (vol48, no. 1 ).
> From memory there was also some articles in Nature about it late 1972 or early 
>Tony Beresford


Thanks for clearing that up.

For anyone interested, the event is also covered by Gary Kronk


You can also download the revised findings of Ceplecha from 'Astronomy
and Astrophysics', here.


David Entwistle

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