(meteorobs) Two interesting meteor papers!

Ed Majden epmajden at shaw.ca
Fri May 20 09:57:32 EDT 2005

Hello Meteorobs members:
    I would like to draw your attention to two very interesting papers that
have just been published.

Meteoritics & Planetary Science 40 Nr. 1. 35-54 (2005)
Fragmentation model of meteoroid motion, mass loss, and radiation in the
atmosphere, by Zdenek Ceplecha and Douglas O. ReVelle


Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 99: 61-64, 2005 April
A Precise Measurement of a Leonid Meteor
Jeremy B. Tatum and Roy Bishop

This is a paper on the photographic analysis of a triangulated bright Leonid
secured by chance by amateurs Michael Boschat and Barry Burgess.  There has
been much discussion on this list about the colour of observed and
photographed meteors.  This paper answers some of these questions relating
to high velocity meteors such as a Leonid or Perseid that exhibit a
green-red-white colour sequence.  It has long been my contention that the
green is probably attributable to the OI green line at 557.7 nm.  This
feature appears at a greater height than the main spectrum in some meteors
faster than 40 km/sec and is present alone.  The height arrived at for this
bright Leonid supports this.  Other colours in this case are also explained.

Ed Majden - Courtenay, B.C. CANADA

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