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	Equipment availability IS appropriate.  For Canadians with Gen III
availability problems, the equipment is available, though costly, after
enough paperwork: Check with Dr. Peter Brown at UWO.


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      If your interested in Image Intensified Meteor recording have a look
  this excellent link describing Sirko Molau's equipment.  Very impressive!
  It is too bad we can no longer get U.S. made intensifiers because of
  restrictions placed on them after 9/11.  Canada was exempt in the past but
  not now! :-(  I do find this ironic, as one can buy "new" intensifiers
  Dedal and other non U.S. countries.  Unfortunately many amateurs can't
  afford the high price of "new" intensifiers but must make do with
  surplus/used units, but this door has now been closed because of these
  export restrictions in the U.S.A.  Isn't it odd that any U.S. citizen can
  walk into a gun store and buy an assault rifle complete with a 3rd
  Generation night vision scope and a non U.S. resident doing legitimate
  research can't get a simple 2nd/3rd generation intensifier!  I'm sure the
  above mentioned rifle is standard fare for legal game hunting in the U.S.

  Ed Majden - Amateur Meteor Spectroscopist
  Courtenay, B.C. CANADA


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