(meteorobs) A new look for the IMO website

Malcolm J. Currie mjc at star.rl.ac.uk
Wed Sep 14 18:42:52 EDT 2005

I've had a visiting and demanding collaborator since your announcement,
so haven't had time to study the pages in detail yet.

Good work Luc.  This blue and white palette and style has become quite
common.  I like the clean background.  Not sure I like the widely spaced
navigation controls at the foot.  The slighlty darker blue menu bar with
the meteor icon below IMO overprints the name of the organisation on the
right side.

Being able to join online---I note the numerous encouragements to
join---is definitely an good thing.

Under Telescopic Commission on http://www.imo.net/imo/commissions, I
query "people".  That's the problem, it is person, singular.  If it were
people, we'd be far more advanced.  It would help to say in a sentence
why do telescopic at all.  The other commissions have some raisons

More later, but now I have to go home, iron and pack for the IMC.


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