(meteorobs) Meteor over Los Angeles?

kzingirl kzingirl at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 23 01:01:24 EDT 2005

I was wondering if anyone had any information about the weird 
fireball-thingy that streaked across the Los Angeles sky this 
evening (9/22) at about 7:40 pm PDT.  I only saw the last part of 
it, but it left a firey smoke trail that lasted in the sky for about 
25 minutes before dissapating enough to not be seen in the 
darkness.  (This occurred before sundown.)  Also, the item was 
CLEARLY visible as it streaked across the sky.  It seemed sphericle 
and HUGE.  It seemed to be riding right at the edge of the 
atmosphere and moving somewhat slowly.  I would say it took about 20-
30 seconds (literally) to go across the field of vision in the sky - 
enough time for me to watch it from my doorway, throw some clothes 
on (I was in my jammies already), run downstairs and still see it in 
the sky.

It was discernable as a round, whitish object (so it must have been 
HUGE) and as it pushed through the atmosphere, it got the "veil" 
around it like a comet does, as well as the tell-tale comet "tail" 
type of thing.  Several of my neighbors were outside and saw it as 

I have seen several meteor showers and the occasional "fireball" 
that occurs from them and this was NOTHING like that.  This moved 
MUCH slower, it was MUCH larger, and it wasn't "flaming" - it 
actually wasn't burning up in the atmosphere.

Does anyone know what this was?  I'm thinking...aliens?  Maybe?  
(Just kidding!)  :-)  But - why wasn't it burning up in the 
atmosphere?!?!?!  Argh!  Anyone?!?!?!  Thanks!!!  :-)

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